Director of Golf
Keven Horton ext. 106

Head Tennis Professional
Jack Keller ext.101

Ron Jaworski’s RiverWinds Golf and Tennis Club
270 Eagle Point Road West Deptford, NJ 08086
(P) 856-848-5700 * (F) 856-848-1035
Front Desk ext.10

General Manager
Gina Pileggi ext. 105

Director of Marketing
Jamie Madara-Riley

Director of Tennis
Nancy Wilkins ext. 102

Dave Santana

Donation Request

Donation Request
Submissions 2 Months in advance for donation response, in person, over the phone, or internet. When submitting your request please send in formal letter with Tax ID number

Ron Jaworski’s Personal Manager
Trish Yerkov
Phone: 856-848-4437 Fax: 856-848-4447

Donations Coordinator
Joan Musilli
Phone: 856-229-9322 Ext 2